All authentic Louis Vuitton handbags since the early 1980’s have date codes. Date codes are a series of numbers and letters that represent the date the bag was made and the factory where it was made. These date codes are all font specific. This means that they are all done in a font specific to Louis Vuitton. Many, if not all, of the fakes out there today have date codes… fake date codes. The best way to tell the difference between a real date code and a fake date code is to first check the font. This can be tricky. Counterfeiters are getting rich knocking off designer bags and some have the fonts almost exact…ALMOST. On a knockoff bag, even if the font “looks” right, there are other clear giveaways.. material including the lining, the hardware, and the stitching just won’t match up to the real thing.

If you’re not experienced in Louis Vuitton, but you want to buy one for a good deal, then purchasing from a REPUTABLE consignment shop is the best choice. Many resale establishments posing as legitimate companies have popped up seemingly overnight. They will claim “authenticity guaranteed” when in fact their “authenticators” don’t have the experience, skill or knowledge to authenticate designer labels. Furthermore, the people who run some of these companies have sketchy business practices, to say the least. Don’t let a fancy website fool you. Buyers are getting taken as well as sellers on these sites. Be cautious. Do your research and read reviews on these businesses beforehand.